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What is the National Pension System?

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National Pension System (NPS) is a defined, voluntary contribution-based retirement savings
scheme backed by the Government of India. It is specially designed to help subscribers make
systematic savings during their working life and secure their future.

Launched in January 2004, it was initially meant for Central Government employees. Later, in
2008, it was extended to State Government employees, and in 2009, to all citizens.

The National Pension System is regulated by PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory and
Development Authority), and all Indian citizens, including NRIs (Non-resident Indians) and OCI
(Overseas Citizens of India), aged between 18 and 70 years can join NPS.

The primary objectives of NPS include:

● Encourage the habit of regular savings and investment among citizens
● Provide steady income to the subscribers and secure their post-retirement life
● Give valuable market-linked returns to all the NPS subscribers


Features and Benefits of NPS


You can open a National Pension System account and contribute to your account any time
during a financial year at your convenience. You can decide the amount you want to
contribute annually. However, each contribution must be at least Rs. 500 for Tier I National
Pension System account.


You have the flexibility to select and change the POP (Point of Presence), fund manager, and
investment pattern. This ensures optimized returns through investments in different asset
classes such as equity, government securities, corporate bonds, debt funds, and other assets.


You can operate your National Pension System account online from anywhere or through a
vast network of POPs, even if you move to a different city and switch employment.

Government Regulated

One of the most significant features of NPS is that PFRDA regulates it with transparent norms.
Also, since the fund managers regularly monitor your investments and do performance
reviews, you can be assured that you get valuable returns.

Tax Benefit beyond 80C

NPS – National pension System gives you tax benefit over and above section 80C. To know more read Tax Benefits under NPS


Types of NPS Account

National Pension System is an excellent investment choice that allows you to build a sizeable
corpus to cover their post-retirement and emergency expenses. If you want to join NPS, you
can open two types of accounts – Tier I and Tier II accounts. Let us know more about it.

Tier I NPS Account

All National Pension System subscribers must compulsorily open a Tier I National Pension
System Account. Once you open a Tier I account, you must deposit at least Rs. 1000 in a
financial year to keep the account active. You can deposit the amount in multiple instalments
or lump sum.
If you want to make an additional contribution to your account, you can contribute at any
time during the year. However, your contributions cannot be less than Rs. 500. Also, with a
Tier I National Pension System account, there is no restriction on the number of contributions
you can make in a year.
Withdrawals from Tier I Account are restricted and subject to specific terms and conditions.
Different withdrawal rules apply to withdrawal during retirement, premature exit from NPS
and partial withdrawal.

Tier II NPS Account

A Tier II account is voluntary, and you can open it when opening the Tier I account or
subsequently. You can open a Tier II account with an initial minimum contribution of Rs. 1000,
and you need not compulsorily deposit any amount each year to keep it active.
If you have opened a Tier II NPS account, you can enjoy better flexibility than a Tier I account
in terms of withdrawal; you can withdraw from your Tier II account at any time as per your


Steps to Open an NPS Account

You can open an National Pension System account either online or offline. Let us look at the
steps involved.

Offline Method

To open your National Pension System account offline, you must visit the nearest POP (Point of Presence) and submit the subscriber registration form with all the necessary KYC (Know Your Customer) documents and an initial
contribution amount.

After receiving the application, the POP will send it for further
processing to the CRA (Central Recording Keeping Agency). If your application is approved,
the CRA will send you the PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) and the password
to access your account, and a welcome kit containing the PRAN card.

Online Method

Opening an NPS online is easy and quick. You can click on the BUY NPS button on the HDFC Pension Website and submit the registration form and KYC documents. You will then be redirected to a payment gateway to make your initial contribution towards opening the National Pension System account.
At HDFC Pension, we have a seamless NPS registration platform to process all your financial
and non-financial transactions.
While you open an NPS account, you can use the unique life99 platform to calculate the
potential returns you can get on your contributions and track all your transactions.

Investing in the National Pension System is an excellent way to secure your post-retirement life
and remain financially independent all your life.


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