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Everything to know about Corporate NPS

Corporate NPS helps employees working with various organizations in India join NPS within the purview of their employer – employee relationship. Unlike EPF where Employer and Employee make equal contribution towards employee’s EPF account, NPS offers flexibility as mentioned below:

  1. Equal contribution from employer and employee
  2. Un-equal contribution from employer and employee
  3. Contribution either from employer or employee


Who can join Corporate NPS ?


Employer enrolled for Corporate NPS

Age: 18 to 70 years

Indian Citizen including NRI & OCI

Compliant with KYC norms


How Corporate NPS works


Corporate NPS industry updates

> 8,500

Corporates registered for NPS

> 11 lakh

Employees enrolled under Corporate NPS

> 67,000 Crore

AUM under Corporate NPS


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Tax Benefits under Corporate NPS

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Why join Corporate NPS?

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How to implement Corporate NPS?

How to join Corporate NPS?

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