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What is the National Pension System?

National Pension System (NPS) is a defined, voluntary contribution-based retirement savings scheme backed by the Government of India. It is specially designed to help subscribers make systematic savings during their working life and secure their future. Launched in January 2004, it was initially meant for Central Government employees. Later, in 2008, it was extended to Read More…

5 Government Schemes That Offers Good Returns in India

Who does not like to grow their savings slowly and steadily? In India, numerous investment avenues allow you to get good returns over time and grow your savings. However, you may feel confused about where to invest with a plethora of choices. To term a specific investment scheme as the ‘best,’ you must be aware Read More…

5 Investment Schemes for The Low-Risk Investor

When choosing the best investment option in India, many people feel overwhelmed as they have many questions in their minds. Whether you are a first-time investor or experienced, you may have to invest your hard-earned money in schemes that offer valuable returns with minimal risk involved, right? Well, to decide which investment scheme is the Read More…