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NPS Calculator

The National Pension System or NPS, introduced by the Ministry of Finance (Government of India), is a measure to ensure a degree of financial stability for Indian citizens after they have retired. It was previously known as the National Pension Scheme.

An individual invests in NPS during his working years, at the time of retirement, the accumulated amount can be withdrawn up to 60%  and the rest has to be invested into an annuity scheme to get a regular pension.

Check how much corpus can you build with National Pension System using the NPS Calculator. It also helps you to determine the amount of monthly/annual pension that you might receive post retirement.

70 Years

The above calculation and illustration of figures are indicative only and not on actual basis.

Your Invested Amount and Corpus at Retirement
Total Investment Total Corpus
100 1000
Break up of Lump sum value and Amount to be invested in Annuity

The above calculation and illustration of figures are indicative only and not on actual basis.


What is NPS calculator?

NPS calculator is an interactive tool that helps you calculate your future expected pension amount from the contributions made to the National Pension System.

This intuitive tool can help you understand how much you need to invest to achieve your financial & retirement goals basis your current contributions, tenure of investment & age. 

Who Can Use The NPS Calculator?

Anyone, who is willing to open or already has an NPS account can use the NPS Calculator. Any resident of the country who is between 18 and 60 years of age is eligible to build up a pension corpus.

How to use the NPS calculator?

Simple & easy steps to use the NPS calculator:

Step 1: Enter your date of birth & age till when you want to invest

Step 2: Enter the amount you want to invest every month towards your NPS contribution & the total number of years for contribution

Step 3: Use the sliders to select the expected rate of return and if any increase in annual contribution

Step 4: Use the percentage you would like to invest in annuity

You will get a summary & break up of lump sum value and annuity amount within seconds!

How can the NPS calculator help you?

There are various advantages of the NPS calculator, such as:

NPS calculator gives you quick results. You can save your time from doing manual calculations.

You get a clear idea of how much you need to invest to achieve the desired pension amount. Thus, it allows for efficient financial planning.

The calculator is easy to use, and it is available online for free. You can use it at any time as you want.

It gives you a quick understanding of the amount of money you need to invest in NPS to build your retirement corpus

The calculator provides a broad idea on the annuity amount that you will receive

It is an easy to use & interactive online tool to help you in your financial planning for future goals like retirement

You can customize the input values to get a better understanding of various scenarios

Lastly, since the calculator gives you a clear picture of the amount invested & the corpus amount in future, you can plan better for your retirement

Invest in NPS for a secure retirement & be future sure!

It is crucial to have a robust financial plan for a safe & worry free retirement. By investing in NPS, you can secure your retirement goals & be future sure.


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