Salient Features and Benefits of NPS

NPS offers wide range of benefits to individuals, making it a unique investment opportunity. Some of the salient features of NPS are

  • Portable Account – the NPS account (PRAN) remains the same irrespective of change of employment or geography.

  • Online platform – On joining NPS, each Subscriber gets log in ID and Password of NSDL system for accessing NPS details online.

  • It offers choice of Service Providers, Funds, Investment Options, Pension Fund Manages, Annuity Service Provides and Annuity Plans to Subscribers

  • It offers Subscribers freedom to switch the Service Provider, Fund, Investment Option and Pension Fund Manager

  • Flexible contribution mechanism – Amount and frequency of contribution can be changed as per the Subscriber requirement

  • Prudently regulated - NPS is regulated by PFRDA, with transparent investment norms and regular monitoring and performance review of fund managers by NPS Trust

  • Efficient grievance management through CRA / PFRDA Website, Call Center, Email or Postal Mail

  • Transparent investment norms – Investment Portfolio under each asset class can be viewed on respective Pension Fund Manager’s website.

  • Extremely Low Cost of operations – with 0.01% as Fund Management Charge, NPS is one of the World’s least cost investment options