Charges under NPS

Charges under NPS are defined by the regulator as per below chart. These charges are exclusive of Service Tax.

Intermediary Charge Head Charge Frequency of deduction Mode of deduction
PoP Subscriber Registration Charge Rs.200 One time at the time of registration Deducted from the initial contribution amount deposited by Subscriber
Contribution processing charge 0.25% of the Contribution amount subject to minimum Rs.20 and maximum Rs.25,000 On each transaction Deducted from the amount deposited by the Subscriber
Non – Financial Transaction Processing Charge Rs 20 for each active retail customer On each transaction Collected from Subscriber separately
Persistency incentive(with effect from 1 nov 2017) Rs.50 for each active retail customer Charged from 2nd year of account opening Collected from Subscriber separately
CRA (NSDL) PRAN Generation charge Rs.40 One time Collected by cancelling units on a quarterly basis
Account Maintenance charge Rs.95 Annual
Financial transaction processing charge Rs.3.75 On each transaction
Pension Fund Manager Asset Management Charge 0.01% Annual Adjusted before NAV publication
Custodian Asset Servicing Charge 0.0032% Annual
NPS Trust Trust Management Charge 0.005% (no Service Tax applicable) Annual