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About HDFC Pension

HDFC Pension Management Company Limited is a licensed Pension Fund Manager appointed by Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA) to manage pension corpus of citizens enrolled under the New Pension System. HDFC Pension Management Company Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd, India's Leading private Insurance Company. We are a well-focused Pension Fund Manager (PFM), managed by seasoned and well-tested executives with vast experience in Insurance & Pension Administration, Risk Management, Banking, Capital Market and Asset Management. We are committed to giving the most fulfilling and rewarding investment experience in pension administration and management.

Role of HDFC Pension

  • To manage the assets under NPS
  • To manage the investments under guidelines issued by PFRDA/Government
  • To bring in vast & rich Fund Management experience
  • To manage the funds with a clear objective of long term capital formation
  • To plan & strategize the investments within key risk parameters
  • To monitor market & economic trends & analyze securities in order to make informed investment decisions
  • To review applied investment strategies time to time in a consistently changing economic sociopolitical environment.

Why HDFC Pension Management Company?

  • Strong & Most Trusted Parentage.
  • Long Term Investment Philosophy.
  • Experienced Portfolio Managers.
  • Robust Assessment & Management of Risks
  • Customer Centricity.